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Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate Sheet

1. Description:    

    1) Item Name: Polycabonate sheet      

    2) Thickness: from 1.2mm to 20mm    

    3) Size: Max width: 2.1m, no limit on length            

                 Standad size: 2.1m x 5.8m / 2.1m x 11.8m   

    4) Color: Clear, Bronze, Blue, Lake-blue, Green, White, Red, Grey, Yellow, Purple,           Orange, etc   

    5) Packing: both sides covered with PE protective film, the two sealed with PE                sealing tape   

    6) Material: Makrolon Bayer & Lexan Sabic    

    7) UV: UV layer protection on 1 / 2 sides.   

    8) MOQ: 1000m2 / color / thickness for production, 1x20’ container for shipment         9) Delivery time: within 10-15 days.   

    10) Customized colors and dimensions are available.


2. Features:    

    1) High transparency: 25% - 92% according to different colors.   

    2) UV-Protection:  co-extrude 50 Micron of UV layeron 1/2 sides, it can absorb               98% of ultra violet radiate, and with anti-condensation treatment, it's highly             weather resistant, durable and non-yellowing.     

    3) Light Weight:  it’s only 1/12 than that of glass for Hollow sheet, and 1/2  than           that of glass for solid sheet in the same thickness. which can save the cost of

        transportation, unloading, installing and frame supporting.   

    4) Impact Strength:  80 times as that  of glass for Hollow sheet, and 200 times as

        that of glass for Solid's unbreakable, and not easy to be damaged

        during installation.   

    5) Inhibiting Condensation:  When outdoor temperature is 0℃, indoor is 23℃, the

        sheet will not get condensation with Relative humidity as high as 80%.   

    6) Thermal Insulation:  the K-value of glass is 1.7 times that of Hollow sheet, and          1.2 times that of Solid sheet.    

    7) Sound Insulation: PC sheet have excellent sound insulation capability,        

        especially for PC Hollow sheet. at the same condition of thickness, the sound             insulation of PC sheet improve 3-4DB than that of glass. the sound proof      

        feature depends on its hardness, wight, structure,etc. it's wide used for highly

        sound barrier screen.   

    8) Flame Resistance: The self-ignite temperature is 630℃ (wood is 220℃), it’s

        rated Class B1 according to GB8624-1997. It'll self-extinguishing apart from    

        fire, it does not produce poisonous gases when burned and not contribute to           the spread of fire.   

    9) Easy Installation:  can be bent and easy to cut. Normal cutting tools available,           no need special equipment. it can be installed arch, semi-circular roof according

        to the design. The minimum curving radius is 175 times of same thickness. It

        can be cold or hot bent for installation, suitable for various shapes.   

    10) Enviromental Friendly:  No dangerous for health or the environment according

          to the definition of ECdIRECTIVES 2006/121/ec or 1999/45/EC and their

          valid adaptations and delivered national regulations.

3. Application:   

    1) Sky light system for public and civil.      

    2) Roof light for office buildings, department stores, hotels, villas, stadiums,    

        schools, amusement centers,hospitals etc.   

    3) Rain tents, pagodas, hallway tents, corridors, passages, subway entries,    


    4) Sound absorption wall for freeways, high-speed railway, Light Rail Transit and            MRTS.    

    5) Indoors swimming pools, sun bath pools, and sidings.    

    6) Subway exits, parking lots, garage tents, bus-stops, terminals, shopping

        arcades, large stadium.   

    7) Robbery counters in banks, bank ATMS, jewelry counters, police Anti-riot

        shields, bullet-proof material.   8) Safety roof light for airports and plants.    

    9) Agricultural greenhouses, Conservatories, sun house, zoos, botanical gardens,

        ecological restaurant.

    10) Sign boards, advertising lamp box, Sky-lighting cover.    

    11) Housing glasses, balcony, indoor partitions, glazing walls, sidewalk, sight    

          window, sunshade, terraces and shower doors.   

    12) Equipment cover, LED display, Lighting, Basketball backboard, Sightseeing    

          Elevator, Sky-Lighting cover.   

    13) Use for control panel for Electronic operation control, Touch pad, Temperature

          controller, Electric water heaters, Electric touched heaters,etc.     

    14) DIY Awning Canopy.

4. Notice:

    There's various of sealants in the market couldn't be suitable for PC sheet i    

    installation, it'll be harm to the PC sheet, some of the performance or lifespan can     not be synchronized to the PC sheet, that cause the sheet cracked or leaked,    

    here we recommend the following standard requiprement: 

    1) Neutral silicon sealants, no smells, ensure non-corrosive to PC sheet or    


    2) Low modulus of elasticity. 

    3) High glutinosity, no changed by the attack of wing or snow, ensure tight

        airpoof effect. 

    4) Have an excellent extrusion feature and flexibility in the temperature from -20

        ℃ to +40℃. The glue gun extrusion can be applied directly. 

    5) Low shrinkage, no wrinkle during solidify. 

    6) After solidify, it doesn't become brittle, hardening or cracking at low    

        temperature of -40℃, doesn't soften or degradation at high temperature of    

        +150℃, it always maintain the excellent flexibility.

5. Our Main Products:   

    Polycarbonate Twin-wall sheet, Triple-wall sheet, Four-wall sheet, X-Structure    

    sheet,Honeycomb sheet, Frosted sheet,Anti-fog sheet, Solid sheet, Embossed    

    sheet, Abrasive sheet, Anti-scratch sheet, and other function products like: PC    

    Diffusion sheet, IR sheet, Canopy, Sky-lighting cover, Anti-Riot shields,etc.

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